Learning Scoring

Learning Scoring

Rake in the points!

Learning Scoring

Scoring starts out simple enough, but gets trickier once you add in bonus opportunities.

Let's show you how:

Matching Tiles

It all starts with a match. When 3 or more tiles of the same color are touching sides, you've got one.

Single Tile

Each tile = 5 points

3 Tiles

3 tiles is = 15 points

6 Tiles

6 tiles is = 30 points


Star Tiles

Star tiles are wild and will match any color. You can create multiple matches with 1 star.

Star Tile

  This is actually 2


  ...a green match...


  ...a blue match...

...and at 5 points a tile, that's a total of 30 points!

Multiplier Slots

If one of the tiles in a match is placed on a bonus slot, you'll double or triple your points!

Double Bonus

   Double your match's points

Triple Bonus

   Triple your match's points

Color Bonuses

Your Bonus Color

Your bonus for each game is next to your name at the top of the screen. Each time you make a match with your bonus color, you'll get double points!

Color Bonus


To get a ton of points in one round, try combining one or more of these methods!

For example:

Star Tile


Multiplier Tile


Color Bonus


Big Points

Score Preview

Finally, you can preview your score before you take your turn by looking at the score ticker at the top of the screen. It shows you what your current tile placement will yield.

Score Preview