How To Play

How to Play

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

How To Play

The goal is to score more points than your opponent before the game ends. You earn points by matching tiles each round. Let's go through the basics of playing:

1. Create a Game

Create a Game

Tap the "+" button to start a game. You can search for a random opponent, play with a Facebook friend or ask a friend for their username.

2. Match 3 Or More

Drag each of your 3 tile pieces to the board and try to match colors. Three colors or more and you'll score points!

Match 3

Turn tips/rules:

  • You can place your tile pieces anywhere on the board

  • Tap tile pieces to rotate them for a better fit

  • Star tiles Star Tile are wild and will match any color

  • Pieces can't sit on top of each other or dangle over the edge of the board

  • You must place all 3 tile pieces on the board (unless there isn't enough space left)

  • When you're ready, tap "Play" to explode your matches so you can collect your points

  • Note: star tiles don't explode -- they stick around

Now wait for your opponent to take their turn (this may take anywhere from minutes to days, depending on how often they like to play). Until then, you can always start more games to keep playing.

3. Maximize Your Points

There are a four main ways to maximize your points: bonus slots, color bonuses, tile swapping and bombs.

Bonus Slots

If one of the tiles in a match is placed on a bonus slot, you'll double or triple your points!

Double Bonus

   Double your match's points!

Triple Bonus

   Triple your match's points!

Color Bonuses

Each game, you're assigned a random color to be your bonus color. When you make a match in that color, you get double the points! Your bonus color is displayed on the name bar at the top of the screen.

Color Bonus

Swapping Tiles

When life gives you lemons, we say send 'em back. That's why Matching With Friends lets you swap crummy tiles for better ones!

Swap Tiles

Just tap the "Swap" button, then tap the tile you'd like to exchange. You can swap as many times as you want, but it costs coins each time you do.

Swapping Tiles


When the board starts getting crowded, try playing a bomb to clear up some space.

Drag a Bomb

Just drag a bomb from the rack to an empty spot on the board and we'll show you where it will explode. Stick with the default bomb or, for a few coins, switch to one of the other ones.


When you're ready to detonate, tap "Use It!"

Use bombs wisely. You only get 2 per game.


Winning the Game

You win by having the highest score when the game ends.

There are two ways the game can end: 1) each player has made 11 moves or 2) there are no more spaces left to play a piece.