How To Play

How to Play

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

How To Play

1. Create a Game!

Create a Game

Tap the "+" button to start a game. You can search for a random opponent, play with a Facebook friend or ask a friend for their username!

2. Build a Secret Word!

Tap or Drag letters from the bottom tray to the upper tray. Form a word that you think your opponent won't guess and tap "Play" to send it.

Build a Secret Word

The word must be at least 4 letters long, and cannot be a contraction, an acronym or a proper noun (anything that would normally be capitalized).

3. Guess a Secret Word!

Wait for your opponent to solve your word and send one to you. This may take anywhere from minutes to days, based on their play schedule. It's ok to close the app and come back later. If you are impatient you can always start more games with other players!


When you get a new move, watch the replay to see if they guessed your word correctly.

Pick letters one at a time to guess their word.
Don't strike out or you will lose a balloon!


Use lifelines whenever you feel stumped!

Life Lines

After you finish guessing their word, don't forget to build a another word to send back!


If your opponent loses all their balloons first, you win!