Advanced Tips

Advanced Tips

So you want to be a Gems master?

Advanced Tips

Gems With Friends is easy to learn but hard to master. You can start by working on these skills:

Gem Movement

New gems are always created from the final piece added to create a match.

Gem Movement

Higher Tiles = More Points

You earn points by placing gems on the board. The higher the value of the gem, the more points you'll get.

5 points


90 points

10 points


140 points

20 points


210 points

35 points


300 points

60 points


The same holds true for matching 3 gems. The higher the value, the more points the match is worth.

Chain Bonuses

The bigger the chain, the bigger the points.

Standard Combo:

2 Chain Combo:
Double Points!

3 Chain Combo:
Triple Points!

4 Chain Combo:
Quadruple Points!

Multi-Match Bonuses

Match more of the same gem for extra points.

Standard Match:

Match 4:
Double Points!

Match 5:
Triple Points!

Match 6:
Quadruple Points!

Star Power

Star Power

Combine gems quickly to gain stars.

Bonus points are added to every play. The more stars you have, the bigger the bonus.

Your star power will go back to 1 if you don't match fast enough.

Location, location, location

Try to keep the bigger picture in mind when placing tiles on the board. It's one thing to make a single match or combo, but it's another to strategically build toward higher and higher numbers.

One strategy is to place smaller numbers in one corner and work your way to bigger numbers in the opposite corner:

Placement Strategy

There are many other placement strategies you can use. The best one all depends on the beginning board layout and what you're most comfortable with.

All of the fast as you can!

Ultimately, a combination of all these tactics is going to get you the best score possible. And the faster you can do it, the better you'll do. Practice makes perfect!