Is this Zynga developer the best Gems With Friends player ever?
The very best Gems With Friends player may very well reside within the walls of Zynga With Friends, the FarmVille house's premier mobile game maker responsible for Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends and more. Zynga posted the below video when challenged by its Facebook fans regarding whether scores of over 250,000 points were possible.
Gems with Friends: Zynga's new gem of a mobile game shines on iOS
When Zynga released Matching with Friends back in July, we were left wanting more, as the color-matching game relied more on luck than strategy and ultimately took too long to play. Now that Zynga has stealthily launched Gems with Friends on the Canadian App Store, we're left wondering: could this game, which looks so similar, be all that different? The answer is a resounding yes, with a "download this now" thrown in for fun.

Zynga's new Gems With Friends puts spotlight on mobile
Zynga's latest game, Gems With Friends, launches today and it may give some hope for the game-creator's mobile future. As the series' first arcade-style and first non-word game, Gems -- available in Canada with a worldwide rollout to follow in the coming weeks -- features gemstones of different colors and numbers that can be combined to score points.

The Engadget Interview: Words With Friends creator, Paul Bettner
You may have missed it amongst all the big budget ads, half-time obscenities and, you know, football playing, but Words With Friends co-creators Paul Bettner and David Bettner managed to snag a seconds-long cameo during that geek-packed Best Buy spot.

Wall Street Journal
Words With Giants
Zak DeOssie has a theory and it goes like this: Giants defensive end Justin Tuck is only good at Words with Friends because his wife plays for him.

Couple says popular online game saved their life
Many people play the popular game Words with Friends on their cell phones, but a player from Blue Springs ended up saving the life of a man half a world away.

The New York Times
Real Connections in Game Land
We’re still good friends, but there is only one reliable way to communicate with her these days: Words With Friends, the popular electronic Scrabble knockoff. You see, Natasha disconnected her cellphone service, but she still uses her iPhone on Wi-Fi. She always has at least a dozen Words games going, and she now uses the chat window in each game as her primary real-time link with the world.

Words With Friends game leads to marriage
Alec Baldwin said it got him kicked off a plane. John Mayer called it “the new Twitter.” Both celebs are obviously fans of Words With Friends, but neither can boast the game hooked them up with the love of their life, like Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse can.

App Advice Top 10 Best Free iPhone Apps
The AppAdvice Top 10: Best Free iPhone Apps Of 2011 – Hanging With Friends
You can’t possibly own an iPhone and not know what Words With Friends is. Well, this is its cousin. Its close cousin.

Voice controls let blind gamer ‘hang’ with friends online
Debbie Fisher, who’s been legally blind most of her life, uses the Voice Over tool to play Hanging With Friends online with friends.

PC Mag
Katie Couric Challenges Internet to ‘Words with Friends’ Charity Matches
Katie Couric has challenged the Internet to a game of Words with Friends, with a $1,000 donation to charity on the line for each match.

USA Today
‘Words With Friends’ befriends Facebook
Maybe the game should be renamed Words With More Friends…With Words With Friends expected to become playable today on Facebook, you can bet the game will add to its 20 million-plus list of friends.

Zynga Turns Hangman Into A Social iOS Game With The Debut Of ‘Hanging With Friends’
Zynga’s game development studios are on a roll of late, recently revealing GagaVille, and launching Settlers Of Catan-like social combat game Empires & Allies. And today, Zynga Mobile is adding one more title to the mix with the official launch of ‘Hanging With Friends,’ Zynga’s take on classic popular game Hangman within an iOS app.

The New York Times
Word Games Anytime, No Travel Tiles Required
Scrabble first proved that it did not need the actual click of tiles against a board when it became popular on computers around two decades ago. Now, the game has migrated to smartphones, both through the trademarked game and a similar game called Words With Friends. In fact, Words With Friends, owned by Zynga, has stolen some of Scrabble’s thunder with its digital-only word formation game. Ten million people have downloaded the iPhone app so far, Zynga says, and it went live on Android systems this month.

Scrabble-Like iOS App Crosses Platforms to Android
Before Angry Birds mania swept mobile device users everywhere, the masses were interested in words. The Scrabble-like Words With Friends app, that is. An upcoming new platform release for the game may prove that while pigs may be dying in droves, words are still alive and well.

9 Word Game Apps You’ll Become Addicted To
Admit it. Everyone you know (or, almost everyone) plays Words With Friends. The game is modeled after Scrabble…but it’s free. If you don’t have it yet, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon.

Macworld’s 2010 App Gems Awards
Words With Friends named the Multiplayer Game of the Year.

Washington Post
FarmVille, other online social games mean big business, and bonding
The most-used function on Angela Shields’s iPhone is not the phone. Or e-mail. Or the Web browser. It’s a game called Words With Friends, and she taps it open more than 10 times a day, anxious about her next move.

A Look Behind The ‘Words With Friends’ iPhone Gaming Phenomenon
Eight months later, the small company behind Chess With Friends released the next game in the series, a Scrabble-like app that has since gone on to become a smash hit. It’s called Words With Friends. I sat down with brothers Paul and David Bettner, two of the founders of ‘Words‘ development house Newtoy, to get the back story on how the game grew to such popularity and where they’re going next.

D Magazine
Words With Friends Tests Your Vocabulary
Two McKinney brothers created a game that’s become a worldwide phenomenon.

Wired Readers’ Favorite iPhone Apps of 2009
Yes, the iPhone game that readers loved so much they nominated it again and again was Words With Friends.

Review: Chess With Friends for iPhone
“The first thing you should know about Chess With Friends is that it does not require you to have any friends with whom to play chess. Chess With Friends or Random Acquaintances would be a cumbersome and stupid name, but it describes the app best—and highlights its appeal. It’s the next best thing to wandering down to the park or local café and sitting down with a stranger for a game.”

Chess With Friends Longs For Push As It Taps The iPhone’s Network Effect
“There are already a number of chess games available on the App Store, but most of these require that games be played out in one long session, or are played through Email with strangers. Chess With Friends is taking a different approach, offering turn-based asynchronous sessions with people in your contact list that will likely appeal to a much broader user base by more effectively leveraging the iPhone’s untapped network effect.”